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Three Simple Tips for Year Six SATs

I’ve been teaching for nearly two decades and much of that time has been spent in the wonderful world of Year Six (the final year of primary school). This includes guiding the delicate transition to secondary school, the emotional Leavers’ Assembly and of course the inevitable May SATs, amongst many other life-affirming milestones.

Chinese New Year 2018: Canine Times!

Chinese New Year 2018: Canine Times!


Chinese New Year is fast approaching so Mantra Lingua have much of what you need to celebrate the Year of the Dog.


If you work in a nursery, if you’re a teacher in a school working with youngsters from EYFS to KS3, or simply someone who values education, we’ve got many inspirational resources for you.


Masks to Make Your Tail Wag

Anti-Bullying Week: Books That Stay With You

A good book gives you more than you realise at the time. A good book will keep on giving. Good books rock! What book do you keep coming back to?


What Books Beckon?

One book from my childhood that keeps drawing me back in is the wise, funny and beautiful Dr Seuss tale ‘Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?’.

It reminds me in its own zany way that it is important to notice the good things in our lives and build from there.

Anti-Bullying Week: Mantra Lingua's Home Language PENpal Solutions

You will probably possess at least one characteristic which makes you stand out from any crowd. It may be your hair, your shape, your shoes or the way you speak. The list is endless. Mine’s hair. I’m bald. And that’s fine by me. Bravo for variety. Isn’t it great that we’re not clones, all looking and behaving in the same way? That would be so dull. Vive le difference!


However, both children and adults may pick up on an aspect of someone that sticks out from the group and choose to see it as a weakness. This may be a source of bullying.

Anti-Bullying Week: Mantra Lingua's Book Bonanza

Anti-Bullying Week is nearly upon us.

It’s from Monday 13th to Friday 17th November.

I’m fortunate to have taught for many years in schools and on a 1:1 basis as a tutor. It sometimes seems like an arms race between children becoming more aware of how to deal with bullying and there being more ways in which one can be bullied, particularly online.


Remember your best teachers... it's World Teacher's Day!

Today (October 5th) is World Teacher's Day. 


First Day Back at School, by Ali Harwood

The first day back at school is often a shock. Whether you are a child, a parent or a teacher, that long summer break may seem a distant memory by mid-afternoon on the opening page of the new school year.

The seasons seem to change so quickly…


Who Should Be Teaching The Teachers? by Ali Harwood

This is for parents, teachers and those interested in education and how it works. I read an interesting article in the TES recently – ‘Spare us from the hypocrites who preach about how to teach’ - about the idea and reality of universities running our schools.

Approaches to Multilingual Learning

What was shared at the EAL Conference in Copenhagen recently? How can children be taught in their mother tongue? What is 'message abundancy' and how is it relevant to EAL learners? Where does Mantra Lingua fit in? Using Graham Smith's informative conference report as a catalyst, these questions are explored, with links to relevant locations on the web.

Assessing Writing Assessment: what’s it all about?

Just when you think all the tests are over and the leavers’ assembly, the summer holiday and big school are smiling at you from the near future, what happens? Writing assessment!

EAL and SPaG: A Teacher's Perspective

What grammar are all children expected to know? (Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation overview)

Whether pupils have English as an Additional Language (EAL) or as their first, school life has become harder since the new primary-curriculum emerged in September 2013. As a primary teacher of over fifteen years’ vintage, I’ve had to up the ante considerably in recent years.

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