Anti-Bullying Week: Mantra Lingua's Book Bonanza

Anti-Bullying Week is nearly upon us.

It’s from Monday 13th to Friday 17th November.

I’m fortunate to have taught for many years in schools and on a 1:1 basis as a tutor. It sometimes seems like an arms race between children becoming more aware of how to deal with bullying and there being more ways in which one can be bullied, particularly online.


If you’re a Head, Deputy or on the SLT, you’ll no doubt be ready. Yes, like all schools, you have your anti-bullying policy in place. But do your EAL children and bilingual learners in particular know what to do if they see or experience bullying?


I asked some of the children I teach some open questions about bullying. One smart bilingual Y7 girl told me:

‘A bully is someone who’s constantly repeating bad behaviour. If they do something horrible the first time, you could ignore them. If they repeat it, then tell a responsible adult.’  


I asked her if she had any advice for a bully. She said that even if you feel someone’s done something wrong to you, you don’t need to get back at them.’


It’s always good to hear the thoughts of young people who often see bullying from a different perspective to us adults. We can learn from them, but obviously, we must guide them, too – as parents, carers, teachers and as part of their community.


You can help your new arrivals from around the globe - and their classmates - deal with bullying even more effectively and often stop it from happening in the first place.




By using Mantra Lingua’s bilingual story books to:

*highlight the topic of bullying

*enable whole class discussion about different types of bullying

*encourage respect for others and oneself


Here are three suggestions:

Ellie’s Secret Diary

A great book. It’s a girl’s account of being bullied at primary school, the things that happened to her and what she wishes she had known.

Ellie’s Secret Diary is available both as a dual language PENpal book and an e-book in many different languages.


Farmer Duck

This children’s classic highlights the plight of a Duck being victimised by a Farmer.

Farmer Duck is also available as a dual language PENpal book in many languages.


Don’t Cry Sly!

One of our bestsellers! A young fox is being bullied by his own mother.

Luckily for the fox, the neighbouring hen finds a way to help him.

Don’t Cry Sly is available both as a dual language PENpal book as well as an e-book in many languages.


At Mantra Lingua Publishing, we create resources for diverse learners.

There are many other resources out there for Anti-Bullying Week and beyond, including those provided by the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

Their resources include:

*an Official Primary School Pack

*an Official Secondary School Pack, and even…

*information about ‘Odd Socks Day’ for Anti-Bullying Week!

Follow the link below for more information

Good luck with making your school an even more friendly and welcoming space. At Mantra Lingua, we’re here to support that quest with high quality teaching and learning resources for all.

Please have a browse around our website for anti-bullying goodies and much more.