Summer Sharing: A-level Results, Languages Spoken in Holiday Destinations, and Back to School...

The holidays continue. (Well, for those of us down here in the south). But there's plenty going on to keep us busy.

Such as something quite important happening tomorrow. Are any of you involved? We liked the Guardian's tips for teachers on results day (not only because the article goes easy on the usual slightly-sexist pictures of girls jumping into the air). But, because language diversity is what we're really into, our favourite piece of results-day content is this tweet from the SU at Cardiff University.

Of course, that sentiment holds true not only for sixth-formers thinking about tomorrow but for all of us south of the border thinking about the coming academic year. It's approaching rather quickly; have you got your plans and schemes and your content in order? Mantra Lingua can help. Begin with the Welcome Pack.

Maybe you're all sorted and you're relaxing. If you're down in the opposite end of the country from Scotland, perhaps bravely testing out the potential of the UK to provide some summer sun, you might have read in the local papers about a different set of exam results. There's been some rather good work done in Cornish language exams. It looks as though there are many people, not only the Cardiff students, who wish to uphold our traditions of language diversity, as I grandly put it a few weeks back. Remember that diversity is normal next time you're feeling frustrated in a multilingual classroom, and then call in the Mantra Lingua experts to sort out some simple but powerful help. (And browse through this blog for its links to EAL pedagogy).

Enjoy what you're doing.