Term continues; Looking forward to Diwali

How is term going?

I've been enjoying that piece by our fantastic teacher-blogger Ali about the first day of school. Here's to managing always to learn things that aren't in the plan!

One learning experience that's worth planning for is Diwali, which is swiftly approaching. Autumn advances, and October the nineteenth will be here soon. Take a moment to think about what outcomes you might hit by working on this festival. There are possibilities for all ages. You can have conversations about religion, inclusion and British Values. You can have a really great time making diyas. 

You're busy, however. So for the primary curriculum, Mantra Lingua has a pack ready for you. Deepak's Diwali stars a young British boy, who is frightened of the character Ravana. This can be your starting-point. Deepak is highly relatable. The pack includes the PENpal (useful or magic?) and talking stickers, so this is really an incredible offer for £80.

This is your basis for some wonderful, culture-crossing learning. Once you've read the story, you can get busy making mango lassi and designing rangoli patterns. (There are ideas and even recipes in the back of the book. And there are links to more ideas in the latest email. Feel free to get in touch with the Mantra HQ and be subscribed to those emails; they're a useful resource!).

And then... because you've inspired your students' imaginations, see what gems of learning happen spontaneously. See what comes alight. Like a diya.