Early Years: Common Inspection Framework

With diversity increasing and many parents unable to speak English, there is a growing demand that Early Years Providers should communicate effectively. Inspectors applying the Common Inspection Framework, will be looking for evidence that all effort is being made to ensure that this is happening. Issues such as Home Assessment, Quality of Teaching showing that EAL pupils are active learners, sensitivity to progression to Infant School, developing awareness of the wider world, etc are aspects which they will be looking for evidence. Providers will have to demonstrate that they cater for the most disadvantaged, which applies to many EAL parents, and that they take action to involve EAL parents in their child’s education.

We have a number of resources that addresses some of the requirements:

  1. Assessment: There are two products:
    Home Assessment through the LinguaTAB dual language Admissions Questionnaire. This is an app that has over 70 questions in 17 languages (so far) where the mother tongue language is written and spoken! Watch the video to get a feel of this app and you can print out the pdf of a completed questionnaire.

    Weekly Audio Assessment Chart: We all know how busy teachers are and how much more spontaneous and instant saying something is compared to writing it down. Within any time period you can so much more than write and not have to worry about spelling, keying in, etc. The child specific chart looks like a spreadsheet with weeks on the horizontal axis and learning categories that your institution decides upon on the vertical axis. By speaking into each cell with our PENpal you can very quickly follow trends: progress or otherwise. Watch the video below to see how quickly and more accurately you can make your assessments. We guarantee the inspectors will be impressed! You can down load the PDF of the A3 spreadsheet to assist you to define categories, although we start with a default.
  2. Our award winning LinguaTALK Pack (Pre-School Overall Gold Award 2015) has all that you need to get started quickly. This is what the judges said, “Absolute genius. Colourful interactive sound enabled books and games that were visually appealing and captivating to use and personalise. Inclusive resources particularly useful for EAL and SEN. Ideal for EYFS and really encourages listening and speaking. The storybooks are instantly appealing to children because of the large style format and lovely illustrations. Comprehensive instructions, a website that is easy to navigate and download direct to the ‘magic pen’. An innovative product full of well-thought out resources – We just love this.
    This packs distinguishes your nursery from the rest. It uses big books, big interactive books, the award winning Phonics Pack that help your pupils to recognise sounds and differentiage them, as a precursor to progressing to the Infants Schools. The big books are in dual language audio so that they can be used in a multi-lingual classroom.

    3.      Dual Language books are a very effective way to retaining mother tongue language abilities and build English speaking and reading skills. They show respect to parents, thereby increasing parental involvement. There are two categories of books:
    Well-known best sellers such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear, Going on a Bearhunt, etc. Each title comes in several dual language edition. Click here to see more.

    The next larger group suitable for Early Years are dual language talking books, where each page is read aloud in mother tongue or in English with our PENpal device. Pupils, Parents and  teachers can also record their voices on every page and this significantly increases the interactivity in what seems to be an ordinary book. Watch this video to get a feel and click here to see specific titles and languages.

  3. Free Software to make your own talking books, posters, calendars. The YOUcreate software allows you to add your own photos and drawings and make your own publications. Yet, you can also record your voice on every page or every day of your calendar with PENpal. Watch the video below to see how to make a Talking Classroom Poster in 2 minutes.

    You can also take any book and with our CreateLINK software you can add sound. For example, take a book like Spot. Add recordable labels (400 recordable labels for £15) and ask parents to record in their home language on every page. One book can have many languages! “Watching the excitement and laughter of parents when they make hear book is a real pleasure.” Click here to see more. 

  4. How to make it easy for parents to share books with their children? This is a perennial problem. Parents who often work all day, sometimes come home exhausted. Yet, how to help them to appreciate picture books with their children, especially when they can’t afford books. 'Bookstart' use Mantra Lingua books to distribute to parents with very young children. Now, for children in Early Years, we have developed a very low cost solution. This is our Dual Language e Book range of 20 titles in about 30 languages to begin with. School and Nursery Licences ensure that parents can listen to and read books to their children in their home language and at the same time, start to learn English with their child. Each well known picture book as a large range of activities at different levels: from the very beginner with no English to someone who has spent over 5 years with a fair degree of English. Watch this video and if your institution wishes to participate in the trials before the launch of the e-bookclub, called Mantra Lingua’s KitabooCLUB, please contact henrie@mantralingua.com. (This free offer only applies to Providers that are linked to Primary Schools)
  5. We understand that being aware of EAL issues in the Early Years setting may be something not explicit to many providers. As such we also provide Staff Training where each attendee is given a free PENpal and a book they make or one we have already published of their choice. Please contact henrie@mantralingua.com for further information.