On the eighth of June, you may well be having discussions about the democratic process. For clear reasons, issues to do with reaching out, love, acceptance, friendship, co-operation, and strong communities feel very important right now. We've been having some big conversations since this post first went up. How do we highlight these issues at school? We'll keep the question in mind as we go back to thinking about friendship on a personal level.

On an immediate, practical level, even some teachers feel anxious about the exclusiveness of the best-friend bond, as this article explains. Is this you? Where do you stand on this?

Exploring how to be friends, and what makes a good friend, would be of benefit in planning ways to talk about friendship with children.

The idea is to place the emphasis onto what we, as individuals, can do to foster peaceful and friendly attitudes in ourselves. This leads on easily to questions of citizenship, neighbourliness, community-building, and goodwill.