The Nursery World Show 2017

Dual-Language Talking Books

Over 500 books in English and 38 languages. Big books, board books, Interactive Big books, dictionaries, and posters. Most books are sound-enabled so that you can listen to the story in English and the Home Language page by page. You can also record your voice on every page. A wonderful resource for children with English as an Additional Language.
You can make any book, even your favourite book, sound enabled!

Welcome to Nursery

Use the App on your smartphone to personalise your Welcome booklets with photos, timings, policies, etc. All information is automatically printed as dual language booklets. Take photos of yourself with parent and child… The pictures instantly drop into the printed Welcome booklet. Personalise for each child in your care. Annual Site licence for 10 languages :£100, thereafter £5.00 per language per year. A new child arrives, you make a booklet for them. Easy, instant, flexible.

Reluctant Speakers

Use Ballu to test sound tolerance, transfer emotions, and make your own recordings. Let Ballu read our audio printed books.

Engage parents at home…

English and dual-language e-books with English and home language script. Enlarge text, listen in home languages, watch videos and try activities to build
literacy through stories.

e-book picture books, dictionaries that speak and explain. Use with white boards, iPads, Androids, laptops. Ages 3 to 14 yrs.

Add audio to toys, objects, clothes, books and posters

Record your voice on audio labels: identify objects, play music, stick on any books, make audio notes, make recordings on clothes! Each label can hold 60 minutes audio.

Thank you for visiting us at the Nursery World Show 2017. This is just a reminder of some of the resources that we showed you. Please search for the specific products and remember, all orders placed before this Sunday are subject to a 10% discount using code "NW2017".