PERSONALISE Your Welcome Posters in 2 Minutes!

Enter your name and photos on any of the preset designs below and say a personalised "Welcome". Just select the design you want and in a matter of minutes complete your poster. We will print and mail you a large poster within 5 working days! Hang them on your classroom door, at reception or, if you have all the students in your class, inside the classroom.

Price is only £7.50 plus delivery!

and if you have PENpal your class can record their voices or songs onto the poster!!! Let the children or staff talk about themselves... and add a new dimension which will certainly impress visitors.

This is a Worlds First Talking Poster hanging right outside your door!

Click on the design of your choice below using your PC, Mac, ipad, Android, Smartphone... any device connected to the web. Then add text, photos, change colours...

YOU CAN CREATE YOUR POSTER IN 2 MINUTES! and we will send you the laminated poster within 5 working days.  Click here to see how!

Door size poster 32cm by 61cm.


Door Poster1   Door Poster2  Door Poster3  

Door Poster4   Door Poster5   Door Poster6
Door Poster7     Door Poster8

School Welcome Poster for your Entrance Hall: Size: 45cm by 64cm. Price:  £9.95 plus P+P

 Welcome Poster 1 Welcome Poster 2 Welcome Poster 3 

Welcome Poster 4 Welcome Poster 5

These posters have Welcome in 36 languages. Say Welcome to all comers and express your world-wide view! (Should you wish to replace the scripts with a photo or other text, you can easily mask them.

Classroom Talking Posters or Staff Talking Posters: from 61cm by 32cm Price £7.50 plus p&p.

Take photos of every child in your class using your smartphone. Then drag and drop them into preset positions on the poster. Each child's photo is now sound-enabled for PENpal. They can tell others all about themselves! An ideal way for the shy or EAL child to express their feelings and ambitions. Change the recordings as the term progresses and monitor the development.
Click here to see a demonstration! You can make the poster within 10 minutes if you have all the photos ready.

Also make a poster of your staff talking about themselves and what they do within the school setting.

 Talking Class PosterTalking Staff Poster