Refugees Welcome

When thinking about activities that will help you to explore the refugee experience, start with the Refugee Week website itself. Links are always useful, and Refugee Week has some here; the nicest resource, though, is probably the page listing the previous activities of schools via social media. Go and be inspired! (I like the rucksack). Remember that you are allowed to use the Refugee Week logo; you are encouraged to tell them about what you get up to (and perhaps you'll end up encouraging future educators). Do spend some time on their website to get a feel for what it's all about.

Amnesty has a page here (I love that photo). Here are some great ideas from the Guardian from 2015 (I didn't know that Rita Ora was a refugee; did you?).

Once again, it's good to go right to the top. UNHCR has a page of resources. And to get things straight at the beginning, follow the link to the page on terminology. You probably know the difference between 'refugee' and 'migrant' (although many don't, so you need to teach it). There are a few more nuances as well. 

Still with the content from UNHCR, I spent some time looking at Passages. It's an immersive role-play game, which wouldn't be suitable for young children. For everybody, though, the rubric for Passages encourages reflection on how and when games, with active participation, can be a good educational tool. Would something like this be better than a video? What do you think? I wonder whether I'll get the chance to play this sometime.

Let us know what you do.