Spring is on its Way

Spring is almost here and to help you prepare we are giving away 2 Talking Nature Friezes

Lifecycle of a Frog  
Touch the frieze with your PENpal to hear about all the stages of the development from frogspawn to fully grown frogs. 

Growing a Sunflower 
Are you growing sunflowers this year? With the Growing a Sunflower frieze you can hear each stage described step by step to help you grow your own.  Who in your school will grow the tallest?

You don’t have PENpal? Take a look at this versatile educational tool that can bring audio content to anything (well nearly anything).

How can you get your FREE nature friezes? 
Simply email with the following details, and ALL we will charge you is the postage and packing of £2.50! (Limited to one set per school or institution while stock lasts)

Name of School/Institution
Telephone Number
Contact Email Address

Enjoy exploring nature with these great products!