Talking to Children & Parents with English as a Second or Third Language

We have award-winning resources designed for today's vibrant, multi-lingual, energised nurseries.
With diversity increasing and many parents new to English, there is a growing challenge that Early Years Providers should communicate effectively. Inspectors will be looking at issues such as Quality of resources, Home Assessment, Quality of Teaching showing EAL pupils as active learners, sensitivity to progression to Infant School, developing awareness of the wider world, etc. All these are important features for a rich Nursery experience. Providers will have to demonstrate that they take action to involve EAL parents in their child’s education.

Touch Listen and Learn with PENpal

This big book of Interactive charts with audio and games to learn essential words and themes: colours, shapes, sounds, numbers.  24 pages of A3 cards, spirally bound. Children can navigate within each page easily, intuitively and also record their voices. Every page can also be personalised using the PENpal. The book costs £24.
A PENpal costs £75 including rechargeable batteries, 100 voice recordable stickers, etc

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Nursery Pack

LinguaTALK Nursery Pack, overall  Gold Winner of 2015 Practical Pre-School Award,  supports EYFS Language and Literacy development. The judges said: “Colourful, interactive sound enabled books and games which were visually appealing, captivating to use and personalised… We just love this!” This pack costs £300.

Interactive Big Books with audio

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Not Again, Red Riding Hood! English
Don't Cry Sly English Big Book
Not Again, Red Riding Hood! English only
Giant Turnip English only

Board Books with audio

Just touch the page and LISTEN! In English with over 20 languages. Listen to narrations, songs and record your own song on every page with PENpal
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
If You're Happy and You Know It
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
The Wheels on the Bus
Coming in April 2016, Let's Go to the Park: a touch and listen big board book with sounds of children playing, birds, people talking... Each page is a managerie of sounds to be discovered through point and listening. This is the first of a series: Let's Go to the High Street, Let's Go to the Supermarket, Let's Go to the Farm. A great way to recall things parents and children did during the day.


Dual Language Books:

Augustus and His Smile

Hungry Caterpillar

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Brown Bear, Brown Bear
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KitabooCLUB: Nursery Collection

240+ Dual Language e-book library of popular stories in English with 37 languages.

They are great for engaging all children using computers, ipads or android. Importantly, they are very effective in including parents in the learning process. Children and parents who have English as their second language can immediately get involved, both at home and at the Nursery setting. OFSTED inspectors look for evidence on how nurseries engage parents in the learning process.

  • For new arrivals with little English, in any classroom
  • Stories written and heard in English and home language
  • Access 400 books, in 35 languages in every class
  • Activities help build English language skills
  • Parent and child, read and listen at home
  • Use with tablets, iPads, mobiles, laptops and computers


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LinguaTAB for Nurseries
Dual Language Nursery Admissions Questionnaire in 17 languages with audio questions in home languages

viVOS for Early Years
add sound to your own drawings and photos with viVOS Artframe

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Welcome Booklet for Nurseries

Software to customise your Induction Booklets for new parents in 19 languages