PENpal - the device that brings sound to reading!



Many children with special educational needs struggle to acquire, process, retain, and communicate information, and have need for resources and devices that assist learning or allow Augmentative and Alternative Communication. PENpal is an innovative device that combines printed materials with technology to create a multisensory reading experience that is both personal and fun. Self Recording Mode allows users to enhance printed materials with their own music, description, commentary, or sound effects, or to record onto special sticky labels to extend the learning experience into their surroundings.

It works by reading micro barcodes linked to specific audio files - simply touch the PENpal to one of the numerous printed resources enabled for its use, and it will read aloud the content in over 50 different languages. Additional language options can be downloaded for free using our FreeLINK software, an online library of dual language audio files which comes included with each PENpal. Each PENpal is able to retain around 250 hours’ worth of audio content in total.

This makes PENpal a flexible communicative resource that can be adapted to the particular needs of the individual. Portable and ideal for group work, PENpal provides an intermediary between an SEN individual and their teachers, support workers, and peers that allows them to engage more fully with others and with their environment. Visit our video gallery for a demonstration.

People all over the world are discovering what PENpal has to offer: across the UK, the USA, Europe, and Canada over 100,000 units have been sold! To see what has them so excited, experience the magic of PENpal for yourself using the digital version of Three Billy Goats Gruff (English and Polish) below - touch English and then the corner of the page to hear the text narrated in English, then select Polish and touch the same spot to hear the narration in Polish.


Why not combine your PENpal with our various BirdVoice products? There is increasing evidence that birdsong has a profound calming effect - just the thing for excitable pupils!

  • 4GB of memory, extendable to 16GB
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Washable silicone sleeve for user comfort and protection from impact
  • 100 recordable labels included
  • USB cable included
  • Additional SD cards, USB cables, silicone sleeves, and headphones for use with PENpal are available for purchase, the latter two in a range of colours.
  • Free software included:


PENpal is available for £75 plus VAT, and can be purchased online.