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Free PENpal with 10 or more Books


PENpal is a device that plays back audio when it touches printed books. posters, stickers giving a multisensory reading experience. Each PENpal can read over 1700 books and posters and this list is always growing as new publications are launched. The books are all in dual language, so PENpal will play back audio every time it touches a page - in English or in a choice of over 60 languages

Here are some very short videos to show you how easy PENpal is:
Switch on and off (30 secs)
Listening to a book read in two languages (4 mins)
Listen to an A3 Chart of key phrases in 26 languages (1min 30 secs)
Record your voice on labels and books (4mins)

And that is not all. PENpal comes with 4 easy to use software, FREE.
1. Would you like to sound enable any book, be it your favourite book or a prescribed text. Easy with CreateLINK.
2. Would you like to make your own high quality photobook - of family, end of year Class Books, School Rules.... And here is the difference. With PENpal you can replay voice recordings on every page! Easy with YOUcreate software.
3. You already have PENpal. Now you have bought a Mantra LIngua book with sound effects. How would you find the specific file for the book you bought. Easy with FREElink. Yes, all the files are free so take as many as you wish. Incredibly easy with FREElink software.
4. There is a method of teaching which believe that children learn best by discussing, debating, narrating, exploring in groups. It is called "Collaborative Learning" and we have a series of learning activities using this method. With the free ShareLINK software, students with English as a second language can play the games, and with PENpal they can listen to how others playing the same game adapted it into another language.

Spring offer PENpal includes:

  • 2 x rechargeable AAA batteries
  • 1 x 8GB SD card
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1300 free audio files in dual languages for Mantra Lingua books
  • Plus portfolio of FREE software: Freelink (to download audio files); YouCreate (easy-to-use DTP to create your own talking books and posters); and CreateLink (to sound enable ANY book)

Accessories: Silicone Sleeve additional £5.00 + VAT