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£240.00 (inc. VAT)

KitabooCLUB Nursery Collection

KitabooCLUB Nursery Collection:
This is a collection of 19 titles, each having various dual language editions. The total number of language editions is 300. This collection covers 37 languages with English and applies to children from 3 to 5. Each edition has 7 copies so that the collection is made up of over 2023 ebooks for use on computers, ipads, androids and smartphones.

There are 7 users who can read all books, and any one book can be read simultaneously by them. Each book costs £0.11 per annum!

If a nursery wanted to increase the number of users, for example to allow parents to use the collection at home, the cost of an extra user licence is £0.50 per month or £1.50 per term.

Here is the list of titles:

Dual Language e-booklub Nursery Collection
TitleNumber of Languages
Alfie's Angels16
Brrmm! Let's Go!11
Buri and the Marrow6
Don't Cry, Sly!11
Goal! Let's Play!11
Goldilocks and the 3 Bears21
Lima's Red Hot Chilli6
Little Red Hen and the Grains of Wheat32
Mei Ling's Hiccups6
Reading Together in English10
Sports Day in the Jungle10
The Elves and the Shoemaker16
The Fox and the Crane19
The Giant Turnip20
The King of the Forest18
The Three Billy Goats Gruff11


This will give you 7 user licenses. If you wish to add more users, for example several parents, first select from the drop down box on the top right "licenses" whether you wish the parent(s) to have access for a month or three months, to the whole collection. When you go to "checkout" you can enter the number of extra licences that you want. If you do not want all classes to have the collection, you can transfer any of the 7 to parents or specific children. They will however have access for a full 365 days.

Additional licences can be purchased for £8 per year, whilst parent licences cost just 50p a month, or £1.50 per term. 

Since the e-booklub is designed to help children and adults to learn English, this could be useful for children, their siblings and parents and extended family. Remember, the e-books are accessible on PC's, Apple Computers, Ipads, android tablets and smartphones.

When you order, you will get an email from Brandon King, our e-Books Administrator.

Then all you do is enter on the url of a computer, sign in, and the whole library is displayed. Search for any book or language and go. Each book exactly duplicates its printed book equivalent, but now by clicking the text, the reader can listen to the text - in Polish, Arabic, Bengali, Urdu... Therefore, even if someone does not read English, they can listen to the story page by page in their home language. They can also on any page click or tap the English and listen to the English with each word highlighed. There is also a video of the story, using the same words and pictures but played back as a video. There is extensive repetition of words and users can soon enjoy the rythmn of the language, with intonation and excitement. They experience the joy of speaking! The stories are well-known and will engage the reader, build their interest and encourage them to read or speak in English, page by page.