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Mantra Lingua's award-winning e-booklub of over 485 e-books is the world's largest interactive e-book range in dual language. Every story can be read or listened to, page by page, in the home language, English with Polish, Arabic, Romanian, Bengali etc... over 37 languages and growing. Click here to see the e-book library explained in a short video...

 See below for our pricing options, covering single and collective purchases:

Books start from £2.50 - £12.50 +VAT per year and prices drop significantly when multiple copies are ordered. For example, with Key Terms in Maths explained in Polish and English, the unit costs reduce from £3.50 for one copy, £3.01 for 5 copies, £2.26 for 30 copies.

The books address two key challenges that schools and nurseries face:
1. For children with little knowledge of English, instant access to books ensure that they become active learners immediately. They could go through books in their home language - either reading or listening to the text being read aloud.
2. How to include parents of EAL children into the learning environment and become actively involved in their child's education. With e-books that can also be taken home, parents and siblings could read and listen at their own pace.
Please click on the picture to see a short video of the e-booklub Reader.

Once you register, you can access any book anywhere in less than a minute! Just follow the steps below:

  • For laptops or computers, all you need to do is type the following in the url:

    For iPads, Androids, Smartphones you will need to download the free 'Bilingual Books' App from Google Play or the App Store.
      Starting Kitaboo in less than 1 minute
  • With our e-books you can listen to the text on each page, in the home language or in English. You can watch a video of the story and make notes and highlights to share. There is a glossary with audio for difficult words.
      Opening a dual-language e-book and reading interactively
  • Apart from reading interactively, each story has a set of activities that check comprehension and helps build vocabulary. Flash cards with audio, labeling the parts of a picture, sequencing picture thumbnails in the correct story-telling order, matching pictures to text and video questionnaires.
      Click here to see a video using activities
  • The e-booklub can be extended for use at home for any institution using one of the above collections. Parents with little English can share in the learning process with their children using access codes, granting full access at just £1.50/3 months.

The process is very simple. Place your order and every teacher in the school will be sent an e-bookshelf of all 450 books. Using the search function they could look for all "Polish" or search by title. That is, they can get started immediately with no training! Since the Mantra Lingua e-booklub works off the internet* all they need is to type in "read.mantralingua.com"! *An internet connection is required to sign-in, after which titles can be downloaded for use offline.


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