Tactile Talk Technology

Tactile Talk Technology - touch, listen, learn!

Our fantastic new technology - the first of its kind in the world - lets printed materials speak to individuals with visual impairment by transforming them into interactive tactile and audio resources. Raised relief areas of 250 microns enable users to navigate the paper surface by feeling the outline of the illustrations, and they can hear narration or to record their own audio content simply by touching the outlined areas with any of our TalkingPEN range. Using the YouCreate software that comes free with PENpal, you can even design your own tactile and sound-enabled books, posters, and calendars, and we will professionally print them for you! Please use the contact form below for more information about this service.

“The tactile sound-enabled resources are fantastic. For visually impaired students, being able to map what they feel to what they hear can help with comprehension enormously.”
Alison Futerman, Speech and Language therapist, RNIB Sunshine House School

Many of our story books now use this technology, and we are continually expanding our range:

This simple concept has a wide range of application for many different special educational needs. Take, for example, our Talking EU Map:

Each country has its borders raised so that the user can detect it with their fingers. Touch within the borders of each country with a TalkingPEN to hear nine key facts about each country - including  capitals, languages spoken, mountains, and population - narrated and followed up with questions to test your knowledge!

“I know there is a country called Germany but don’t know if it is below France or above England.” - RNIB member


Similarly, our Talking Science Pack includes A3 Human Organs and Periodic Table posters that use Tactile Talk Technology to teach pupils the location and function of different parts of the human body and different atomic elements respectively. Afterwards, they can test their knowledge!