viVOS: used for SEN


viVOS - used for Special Education Needs (SEN)





Introducing Mantra Lingua's viVOS, the device that lets you play audio and video from paper!

Meaning ‘bringing to life’ in Portuguese, viVOS is a revolutionary device that transforms paper resources into multimedia ones, creating a multi-sensory learning experience.  Everything from graphs and diagrams to maps and paintings, whether printed or hand-drawn, can be enhanced with ease: simply choose your audio or video content and the ‘soundspot’ on your paper resource to which it relates, and the viVOS Software Suite will create your multimedia publication – no programming required. Enter the publication’s unique number into your viVOS, and it is ready to use!

This innovative combination of aural and kinaesthetic learning makes viVOS a valuable educational tool for pupils of special educational needs, many of whom can benefit from multi-sensory learning and a sense of active participation in their education. Pupils can create their own paper resources and bring them to life using their own audio content, recorded using the inbuilt microphone, as educational tools for themselves and their peers. Its robust, lightweight body makes it both highly portable and ideal for busy classrooms; dropped or stacked, viVOS will rise to the occasion. Flexible, intuitive, and fun: enter a world of endless possibility, with viVOS!

How does viVOS differ from tablets?

1. It can be used with resources up to A3 paper size.

2. Users can make resources in minutes using readily available materials.

3. The A3 size is ideal for groupwork.

4. It allows the use of tactile resources, which contributes to multi-sensory learning - a vital component of much SEN education.

5. Unlike devices with glass surfaces, viVOS is shatterproof, lightweight, and durable.

6. Using the software, it is possible to use up to seven languages in one publication.

7. It allows you to adapt content to a specific individual, rather than using general apps designed for the public, without coding knowledge.

8. It provides a quick alternative to bookmarks - store numerous URLs on one page, and simply tap to retrieve them.

9. The Wi-Fi dongle that comes included allows you to quickly bring up content on large screens.

Want to share something with fine lines or details?
Never fear - it is possible to make tactile resources for viVOS by printing them on swell paper; a kind of paper on which the black ink can be raised so as to be detectable by those with visual impairment. We can make swell paper publications to order - just send us a PDF of the content you would like printed, and we will handle the rest for £1.99 per A4 sheet and £2.99 per A3 sheet. Upon receipt, you can proceed to add your audio and video content as usual! Don't have time to make your own content? You can choose from over 3000 free resources for a wide range of ages and subjects at Load2Learn - an online database provided by the RNIB and Dyslexia Action.

We are also in the process of growing our own library of shared publications - here are some made earlier! Click the picture to download the PDF file, and email for the associated viVOS file (please note that some were created for information only, so are not recording enabled).

As an early Christmas present from us, why not download our talking Advent Calendar below? Simply cut around the doors, stick the red layer onto the white one, and you're good to go! Don't forget, you can email us for the viVOS file to hear songs, sound effects, and fun crafting activities behind each door - the perfect way to count down to Christmas in style!

We stuck foam shapes (available in large packs from most stationers and craft shops) to this publication for increased tactility.

Attach foil, or a similarly reflective material, to the bottom half of this publication so that the user can mimic the expressions shown in the pictures in the 'mirror'.

Attach paper or card hands to the clock with a paper fastener to create an interactive game; position the hands and ask the user to tell you what time is being shown, and vice versa.



  • Measures 55 x 42 x 2.5 cm and weighs 1.5 kgs
  • 4GB of memory
  • Can accommodate any paper size up to A3
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • High-impact ABS structural foam body
  • Inbuilt speakers and microphone
  • Headphone, microphone, and USB ports
  • Wi-Fi dongle included


A single unit plus the viVOS Software Suite costs £299. Click here to order viVOS.


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