2020 Wall Calendar for PENfriend

2020 Wall Calendar for PENfriend


2020 Talking Wall Calendar

PENfriendly 2020 Wall Calendar

A Wall Calendar for 2020.

It speaks the day and date to you, using your PENfriend and there is a space to record your own message. 

The Wall Calendar is linked to the Diary, so whatever recording you make on one can be heard on both products.

Let's say you are on the phone and want to save details of an invitation or appointment on a specific date.

You can record it into the Wall Calendar then and there. So when you are out and about with your smaller portable diary, you will have all the details of your appointments with you.
This product is also available in French, German & Spanish.

The new 2020 Wall Calendar records your voice messages (in orange sector) and tells you the day and date (yellow sector) using PENfriend. For partially sighted people, they can make audio notes without being constrained by the space available on a normal diary. Click here to see how PENfriendly the 2019 Calendar and Diary is!

All recordings are synchronised to the Talking Desk Diary. Make a recording on the Calendar and playback on the Diary, and vice versa.
Here is a video showing how simple it is to use and record on the Wall Calendar and Diary (buy jointly for £15.50)
For more recordings on a day, simply use the recordable labels.

This Wall Calendar and Diary is avialable also in German, French, Spanish
PENpal and ClassroomPEN also works with these Wall Calendar and Diary.

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