Collaborative Learning Membership

Collaborative Learning enables children to discover the secrets of subject specific topics whilst also improving language skills. Mantra Lingua's Collaborative Learning Library was launched in January 2012, in partnership with the ‘guru’ of CL, education consultant Stuart Scott. Over the past 35 years Stuart has been receiving projects from teachers which uses the Aural Learning approach. Stuart has been collating them into his Collaborative Learning Library. We converted about 100 activities into a standard sound enabled format with great illustrations, covering a wide age and subject range and they can be used for subject led English Language development, ELL and EAL. Also, many of the activities are being translated into Arabic, Spanish, Polish with more languages are to follow.

As a member of the Mantra Lingua Collaborative Learning Library, you will receive a free PENpal (with its four software, including Sharelink) and have access to the PDF’s as well as purchasing activities.


12 and 24 Hour Clock

ONLY AVAILABLE AS A FREE PDF DOWNLOAD. This game helps pupils to practise conversion of 12 to 24 hour clock times and vice versa. It also encourages the language of agreement/disagreement and of justification. There are a variety of ways of ‘telling’ the time.Learning Outcomes: Children will be able to make up amounts of 5 in different ways. They will know what the ‘exact amount’ for an item is. They will also have worked collaboratively with their partner.

PDF icon 12and24hourclock_2012.pdf

Accident at Home

 They say that cats have nine lives but even cats can be injured. Many careless accidents happen in the home so we have designed this game to give students a greater awareness of health and safety.Learning Outcomes: Students will have gained an understanding of what might or might not cause an accident in the home.


Acid and Alkalis

ONLY AVAILABLE AS A FREE PDF DOWNLOAD.This matching activity is designed to enable students to understand the nature of the continuum from strong acid through neutral substance to strong alkali and it encourages pupils to work collaboratively to complete their task. Learning Outcomes: Students will have reinforced their knowledge of the relationshipbetween substance description, pH number and universal indicator colour.

PDF icon Acids_and_Alkalis-Web.pdf

Adding Two Digit Numbers

ONLY AVAILABLE AS A FREE PDF DOWNLOAD. A fun activity for pupils to practise adding two digit numbers from the combined score of two dice, without using a calculator. This activity also encourages collaboration in the recording of the results. To vary the activity it can be played speaking the numbers in different languages or using different number systems. Learning Outcomes: Pupils will be able to transcribe two digit numbers from two dice into numerals.

PDF icon two_digit_numbers_2012.pdf

Ancient & Modern Olympics

ONLY AVAILABLE AS A FREE PDF DOWNLOAD. With the Olympic Games taking place in 2012 it is a good time to discover the origins of these games. There are many topics around this theme and if you develop your own please share them by sending them to the address below for expanding our library.
Learning Outcomes: Students will have gained knowledge about the Olympic Games both past and present and have been able to compare and contrast them.

PDF icon Ancient_Modern_Olympics_web_2012.pdf

Ancient Greek and Modern Education

ONLY AVAILABLE AS A FREE PDF DOWNLOAD. Education systems have developed and changed throughout the course of history. To engage students with these changes we have devised this activity for them to compare their schooling with those of Ancient Greeks. If you develop your own activities around this theme please share them by sending them to the address below for expanding our library.Learning Outcomes: Students will have gained knowledge about the Ancient Greek education system and been able to compare and contrast it with their own.

PDF icon Ancient_Greek_and_Modern_education_WEB_2012.pdf

Another Nail

ONLY AVAILABLE AS A FREE PDF DOWNLOAD. There are many health risks and dangers in the everyday environment both here and abroad, and they are not always obvious. Our aim is for students to become aware of and discuss health risks through stimulating game activities.Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to demonstrate a greater understanding of environmental factors that affect people’s health.

PDF icon Another_Nail_(Web)2012.pdf

Anti-semitism and Anne Frank

 ONLY AVAILABLE AS A FREE PDF DOWNLOAD. Ethnic minorities have always come up against prejudice; even today many minority groups continue to suffer discrimination and oppression. However, no group has experienced such systematic destruction and dehumanisation as the Jews at the hands of the Nazis. This activity will study events in Europe mainly during the 1930s and 1940s and will explore what life would have been like in Anne Frank’s Europe.Learning Outcomes: Students will have learned about the persecution of the Jews and the effect of this on the life of Anne Frank.

PDF icon The_second_world_war,_anti_semitism_and_Anne_Frank_(Web).pdf


 ONLY AVAILABLE AS A FREE PDF DOWNLOAD. This activity based on the story of Arachne, one of the most popular Greek myth, has been designed to devise a way in which everyone in the class could participate in a retelling of the story as well as take on the flavour of a Greek play.Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to demonstrate a greater understanding of theGreek myth “Arachne” and will be able to work collaboratively.

PDF icon Arachne_(Web).pdf