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Buy 10, Get 15 Books for Talking in Many Languages

Order any 15 books and save 33% on costs until 31st October 2021. Best sellers, Myths, Folktales, Contemporary, are available as dual language editions - English with French, Spanish, Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Polish, Pashto, Hindi, Mandarin and over 50 more.
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In this photograph, a young boy of African decent is stood in front of a map of the world, holding a turquoise PENpal, a talking pen device developed by Mantra Lingua that enables him to listen to and add sound to books, drawings and other objects.


We are now offering an in-depth course for free to anyone buying our talking pens, the PENpal and ClassroomPEN. The course is based on video-tutorials, with helpful comments, and some quizzes if you want test your knowledge. Click on "More Info" to go to the course page on our site and read more. When you order a pen, you get free access to the course. If you already have a pen, email us on info@mantralingua.com to receive an invite to the course.
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Cover image of the book How Totsuwa Became Cherokee by Virginia Hamby and Christy Kate Bennett in English and Cherokee language. The image is of a red cardinal bird surrounded by leaves, with the books title in centre.

The Northern Cardinal Has Landed

June 2021 sees the launch of our latest dual language book, How Totsuwa Became Cherokee, published in collaboration with Cherokee Nation. Totsuwa is a young cardinal bird that notices a red spot on his feathers one day. Where did it come from? What does it mean? Distressed and confused, he turns to his grandfather for help, and is sent on a journey to discover who he truly is. The book will be available from mid-June, but you can read a little about it on our blog by clicking on "More Info", or email us regarding pre-orders. 
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Cover image of the book The Biscuit Moon

The Biscuit Moon Shines Brightly

In the midst of a year that was full of contention across the globe, you probably missed one of our more recent titles. The Biscuit Moon is set on the African continent, where Buffalo is struggling to find sustenance in the drought. When he stumbles across a precious pool of water, he is overjoyed to see a huge, white biscuit in the middle! But he's not the only one that wants the biscuit...
We have published this book in an extraordinary 33 languages (with more to come), and if you are using it in the classroom we also have extensive teachers' notes for you to download for free. Just click on "More Info" to explore this book and watch the "Look Inside" video.
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Evening on Diwali. A mother and her son light candles by the door. Illustration by Doreen Lang, text by Divya Karval, from Deepak's Diwali by Mantra Lingua

Open to Submissions

We are now welcoming authors, illustrators, and other contributors (translators and narrators) to approach us. Read more under "About Us" by clicking on the "More Info" button. Email info@mantralingua.com with your submissions, keeping them professional just as you would when submitting to any other publishing house.
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Arts Depot Story Time with Sita Thomas

Story Time with Sita Thomas

Sita Thomas from Channel 5's Milkshake! is going to have an online Story Time that you can view from 11 am on Sun 13 Sep to 10 am on Sun 20 Sep, and she has discovered our lovely Kamishibai! If you want to see them in action, you can read more and book a 'ticket' on the Arts Depot website by clicking on "More Info".


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Talking Pictures? Whatever Next? Tactile Menus From Mantra Lingua, That's What...

It's been a busy few months at Mantra Lingua. (Not that we're ever not busy, but we've been as busy as busy buzzy bees and bird-like creatures recently.) So what, might you ask, is it that's kept us all occupied? Well, we've been hard at work putting new events and new products together - including our exciting tactile menus.

In a world that's designed so much for navigation by the sighted, being visually impaired can make simple, joyful events like choosing a meal or having a nice day out rather more difficult and less accessible than they should be. Sound and touch become much more important - and our tactile menus, maps and charts combine the two, to help bring the world closer and, hopefully, make it make more sense too. 

Back in the spring of 2019, we worked with the East Anglia Sailing Trust to design, devise and produce the first tactile, sound-enabled maps in the world, to help blind and visually impaired sailors get the most out of their trips to sea. Now, we're delighted to announce our tactile talking menus. Using our PENpal or PENfriend technology you can record and playback details of ingredients, options, allergen advice, instructions, and so much more, in English, or another language of your choice, or both, so they're a great option for bilingual homes and bilingual classrooms too. Each soundspot can hold up to 60 minutes of audio. 

Like to find out more about how the Tactile Menus, Tactile Maps, Tactile Charts and other resources work? See for yourself with our short and sweet YouTube mini-tutorial
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Bilingual Books on the Bookstart list

You know how much we love stories, and you know how much we love language. You probably also know how much we love sharing our love of both, in all kinds of formats and settings. So we're delighted to announce that two of our new bilingual titles for 2019, "Errol's Garden" and "Quiet", are going to feature in the next Bookstart programme. (Bookstart Week was renamed Pyjamarama in summer 2019.)

Bookstart is one of the long-standing programmes on offer from BookTrust, and free books are given away to every child in England and Wales at two crucial key stages before they start school. If you'd like to know more about the programme, Bookstart has helpful information for both caregivers and Early Years practitioners

You can find out more about all of our titles and products in our Spring 2020 catalogue.

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About Us

Check out the new visualisation that defines us. Instead of reading pages, this simple animation will give you a clear picture of what Mantra Lingua is about. We do not just publish bilingual books. Our biggest division is the PENfriend that services the Blind and Partially sighted world market.
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Our new e-catalogue is different. Instead of listing all our products, we list typical questions teachers and TAs ask. We help by suggesting which product could help resolve those questions.
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