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Donation to DEC: action on Turkey and Syria

As part of our policy of donating to agencies working on crises areas of the world, we donated to the DEC Turkey and Syria Appeal.

Books and ebooks in Ukrainian

We have responded to requests for books in Ukrainian and English. Using simple readable text in English the books are designed build confidence of children new to English. Dual language books enhance the self-image of children as their language text is given equal status to English. The books also encourages the rest of the children to ask questions from their new school mates.

As a small independent publisher specialising in dual language picture books, published are 10 titles, which include the best selling My Bilingual Talking Dictionary in English with Ukrainian, for delivery within a week of ordering. Another six titles in Ukrainian are due in the Summer term.

For instant easy access we have added 5 titles in English and Ukrainian to our ebook library, unique among ebooks for the ability to listen in both languages, watch video and play games. These come free with all orders from our "Focus on Ukraine" special offer. 

(There are also similar number of books in the two languages spoken in Afghanistan - Pashto and Dari. Please search 'Languages' to find out more.)

New Backup Restore Software for PENfriend Users

PENfriend is the pen specifically developed for Visually Impaired people, extending their range of independence. No longer do they need assistance for ordinary everyday items. The PENfriend has Voice Recording at the centre of its technology. Label things like cans or packs of food, clothing, plant tags, CDs. Also leave voice message reminders in diaries, address books, etc. 
You can imagine that these are vital information which need to be secure. 
Now the PENfriend Utility Manager software is just a one click way to save all recordings easily and restore them when needed. Registered blind can access the RNIB Audio book library which has over 30000 audio book titles donated by major publishers. The Utility has a 'book' feature that, in one click, replaces an existing book in a PEN with the latest title of choice. Now, VI's can go anywhere and listen, in the garden, on journeys and PENfriend will automatically connect to the page last visited before switching off!

The PENfriend is very useful of instant  audio feedback, and has been used in Visitor Feedback audio comments in exhibitions and museums. Visit www.penfriendlabeller.com to download the software, Free!

The key differences between the PENpal and PENfriend is the design. PENfriend is designer for VIs and essentially is a voice labelling device. It will, as a secondary feature, read Mantra LIngua picture books and labels, and doubles up as an .mp3 player.

dual language books

Sunita Collection: Three titles each in 20+ dual language editions

The Sunita Collection is made up of 3 titles:
  • Sunita at the Zoo
  • Sunita makes Friends
  • Sunita's Special Day
Sunita and her family are common characters in each book. She is a second generation immigrant child, confident and assured in her environment, possibly born in her parent's new country. She is not different from any other child but goes through typical events that any 4 year old could face. Each book has simple text (250 words) set in a familiar theme. Most children will relate to the class outing to 'the Zoo'.  'Makes Friends' too covers sibling rivalry, friendship with elderly neighbours. Maggie Paun's storytelling has a beautiful circularity in arriving at a final resolution. 'Special Day' is a situational story where many children in UK and USA would relate to Halloween, thereby reinforcing and visualising a familiar celebratory event in a year. 

Karen Mezek's illustrations, beautifully but painstakingly drawn with colour pencil overlays, give each book a tonal depth which uniquely enriches the stories. They would stand confidently on any bookshelf of high quality picture book best sellers. (Urgent! We are trying to locate Karen, so if anyone knows where she is, please help us in connecting with her.) 

The stories are retold in over 20+ languages, including some new languages such as Armenian, Telegu, Hmong.... and each page is sound enabled for the Mantra Lingua PENpal, with its free audio page-by- page retelling in English and the Home language. 

Published in January 2023, the language editions will be available for delivery in January and February 2023. 
The books would be useful for relating and retelling personal experience in any classroom, and with children from many races, the books could 'mirror' events in children's everyday lives.

If you would like to order, please click here. 
You will be taken to a page where a drop down menu will list all the languages and depending on the language selected, the front cover changes accordingly.

PS The stories will also be available as dual language ebooks with audio in both language on our 'Kitabu' Dual Language Ebook LIbrary.
Those who already subscribe to the library can access these books FREE when the ebooks come on stream from February through to April 2023

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Buy 10, Get 15 Books for Talking in Many Languages

Order any 15 books and save 33% on costs until 31st October 2021. Best sellers, Myths, Folktales, Contemporary, are available as dual language editions - English with French, Spanish, Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Polish, Pashto, Hindi, Mandarin and over 50 more.
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In this photograph, a young boy of African decent is stood in front of a map of the world, holding a turquoise PENpal, a talking pen device developed by Mantra Lingua that enables him to listen to and add sound to books, drawings and other objects.


We are now offering an in-depth course for free to anyone buying our talking pens, the PENpal and ClassroomPEN. The course is based on video-tutorials, with helpful comments, and some quizzes if you want test your knowledge. Click on "More Info" to go to the course page on our site and read more. When you order a pen, you get free access to the course. If you already have a pen, email us on info@mantralingua.com to receive an invite to the course.
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Cover image of the book How Totsuwa Became Cherokee by Virginia Hamby and Christy Kate Bennett in English and Cherokee language. The image is of a red cardinal bird surrounded by leaves, with the books title in centre.

The Northern Cardinal Has Landed

June 2021 sees the launch of our latest dual language book, How Totsuwa Became Cherokee, published in collaboration with Cherokee Nation. Totsuwa is a young cardinal bird that notices a red spot on his feathers one day. Where did it come from? What does it mean? Distressed and confused, he turns to his grandfather for help, and is sent on a journey to discover who he truly is. The book will be available from mid-June, but you can read a little about it on our blog by clicking on "More Info", or email us regarding pre-orders. 
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Cover image of the book The Biscuit Moon

The Biscuit Moon Shines Brightly

In the midst of a year that was full of contention across the globe, you probably missed one of our more recent titles. The Biscuit Moon is set on the African continent, where Buffalo is struggling to find sustenance in the drought. When he stumbles across a precious pool of water, he is overjoyed to see a huge, white biscuit in the middle! But he's not the only one that wants the biscuit...
We have published this book in an extraordinary 33 languages (with more to come), and if you are using it in the classroom we also have extensive teachers' notes for you to download for free. Just click on "More Info" to explore this book and watch the "Look Inside" video.
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Evening on Diwali. A mother and her son light candles by the door. Illustration by Doreen Lang, text by Divya Karval, from Deepak's Diwali by Mantra Lingua

Open to Submissions

We are now welcoming authors, illustrators, and other contributors (translators and narrators) to approach us. Read more under "About Us" by clicking on the "More Info" button. Email info@mantralingua.com with your submissions, keeping them professional just as you would when submitting to any other publishing house.
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Arts Depot Story Time with Sita Thomas

Story Time with Sita Thomas

Sita Thomas from Channel 5's Milkshake! is going to have an online Story Time that you can view from 11 am on Sun 13 Sep to 10 am on Sun 20 Sep, and she has discovered our lovely Kamishibai! If you want to see them in action, you can read more and book a 'ticket' on the Arts Depot website by clicking on "More Info".


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