Sunita Collection: Three titles each in 20+ dual language editions

The Sunita Collection is made up of 3 titles:
  • Sunita at the Zoo
  • Sunita makes Friends
  • Sunita's Special Day
Sunita and her family are common characters in each book. She is a second generation immigrant child, confident and assured in her environment, possibly born in her parent's new country. She is not different from any other child but goes through typical events that any 4 year old could face. Each book has simple text (250 words) set in a familiar theme. Most children will relate to the class outing to 'the Zoo'.  'Makes Friends' too covers sibling rivalry, friendship with elderly neighbours. Maggie Paun's storytelling has a beautiful circularity in arriving at a final resolution. 'Special Day' is a situational story where many children in UK and USA would relate to Halloween, thereby reinforcing and visualising a familiar celebratory event in a year. 

Karen Mezek's illustrations, beautifully but painstakingly drawn with colour pencil overlays, give each book a tonal depth which uniquely enriches the stories. They would stand confidently on any bookshelf of high quality picture book best sellers. (Urgent! We are trying to locate Karen, so if anyone knows where she is, please help us in connecting with her.) 

The stories are retold in over 20+ languages, including some new languages such as Armenian, Telegu, Hmong.... and each page is sound enabled for the Mantra Lingua PENpal, with its free audio page-by- page retelling in English and the Home language. 

Published in January 2023, the language editions will be available for delivery in January and February 2023. 
The books would be useful for relating and retelling personal experience in any classroom, and with children from many races, the books could 'mirror' events in children's everyday lives.

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You will be taken to a page where a drop down menu will list all the languages and depending on the language selected, the front cover changes accordingly.

PS The stories will also be available as dual language ebooks with audio in both language on our 'Kitabu' Dual Language Ebook LIbrary.
Those who already subscribe to the library can access these books FREE when the ebooks come on stream from February through to April 2023

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