Personal in the nicest possible way – Check Out the great new 2019 SEN Resources Catalogue from Mantra Lingua - Bilingual books and more

We know you love communication, education, and teaching. And we know you’re just brimming with ideas. Even if you're the most dedicated educationalist in the world, however, you'll have times when coming up with new ways to keep not only your students but the teaching staff interested and on task in the classroom is an uphill struggle. This can be especially true in SEN and EAL classrooms, including those with a bilingual aspect. And then there are the whole “use appropriate tech” in lessons requirements, which aren't always easy to achieve.

Fear not! We’re here to help. You know we are always working to enhance our range of resources and to come up with tried and tested tips and tricks and bright ideas to help you help your learners (whether you're a parent or caregiver or in the teaching profession). In our new 2019 catalogue we’ve included some pages dedicated to SEN teaching.  (As well as bilingual or EAL teaching, but that’s a topic for another day.) This year we're also really delighted to announce we have a catalogue that is devoted entirely to SEN. It's bright, it's colourful, it's packed with ideas and mini-case studies about how our resources have been used, or could be used, in an SEN setting. 

So, how can our products help you, if you're an SEN specialist? Well, we know personally how important the use of voice and music are; sometimes music can get an emotion across where words cannot. We have to confess to loving the fact that our PENpal range of products can be used in conjunction with, for instance, a printed page of emojis to help non-verbal students communicate. (There’s a great case study in the SEN catalogue – take a peek at p.12.) And our resources are also ideal to help dyslexic learners understand language, and again, to communicate with those around them. 

The PENs and reusable stickers can be used to help personalise a room, or classroom belongings, or homework, or help provide a reassuring, familiar voice of a caregiver. This applies whether the caregiver is reading a bedtime story or giving instructions. Where there is more than one language used in a domestic setting or an educational one, the PENpal can help act as a personalised translation device, incorporating vocabulary that may be specific to your family or group or learners.

We’ve also introduced Personalised Value Pack Pricing, to help you stretch your budget and get the most appropriate resources for your situation. So this year, when it comes to SEN, it’s personal – in the nicest, most inclusive way.