The Biscuit Moon(eBook)

The Biscuit Moon(eBook)


Biscuit Moon is an allegory on migration. Believe in something badly enough and the mind can play tricks on you. A tale about Buffalo and Lion and the delicious biscuit: to fight for an illusion or co-operate for a better life. Enebor Attard’s English interpretation is designed for reading aloud by children new to English with a lot of repetition and gradual build-up of vocabulary.

The story links to contemporary events. “Someone else sees the biscuit,” is said by Lion, the strongest, as well as by wise Squirrel, who later leads the group away from drought. And all the while greedy Vulture waits to clean up!

The cyclical narrative does not stop even at the end. The hoped-for green lands could themselves be another illusion... There is much to explore in this story.

Follow the English text word-for-word as it is highlighted and read aloud. Listen to the story in your home language as well. Once you have read the story, watch the characters come to life in an English video. Extensive teachers' notes are provided for additional support: see Additional Information to download.

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