British Birds Diary

British Birds Diary


Earlier with the Garden Birds ebook, we mentioned sound enabled stickers for your Scrap Book

A natural follow on is this British Birds Notebook. It is not just a high quality pocket note book, but it contains songs and calls of 270 british birds. Small enough to fit into your pocket, big enough to have a huge record of your personal experiences. Why huge? On every of its 70 pages there are 6 sound spots to keen audio notes. Record bird sounds, aural notes, music, radio proframmes...
For those who love drawing, the pages are of uncoated paper, ideal for colour pencils, etc..

And here is the next magic. At the front is an 'audio index'  of 270 species sorted in scientific order; at the end another index ofn 270 birds in alphabetical order. So you can recall bird sounds instantly by searching alphabetically; or compare the calls and songs of 5 different types of tits by searching in Scientific order.. Now you are really an expert in the art of distinction making of British Birds.

This is a fantastic way of monitoring the changes either in your local area or when on holiday. It's also a great help when wanting to identify birds. Record the bird, make a note of what it looked like, and then when you are at home you can look it up.

You will need any of our pens - BirdvoicePEN, PENpal, PENfriend, ClassroomPEN to play back sound.


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