Cleopatra's dreams of restoring her beloved country to glory led her into epic battles, family feuds, and treacherous political scandal. Yet, although the life of Ancient Egypt's last pharaoh has long inspired thrilling tales, Cleopatra herself remains a figure shrouded in mystery. In her struggle to win the Egyptian throne from her brother, Cleopatra allied herself with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Was she a naïve woman manipulated by the Romans for their political ends, or an ambitious young queen playing them at their own game? Decide for yourself as you follow Cleopatra's dramatic rise and fall through a period of political upheaval and raging conflict.

  • Use as a starting point for studying the rise and fall of Ancient Egypt and its relationship with the Roman Empire
  • Invite discussion on a range of subjects from feminism and the role of women in history to ancient Egyptian arts and culture
  • Introduce readers to autobiography as a historical source and consider the reliability of first person accounts

'Famous Biographies' delve deep into the past to explore the fascinating lives of people whose discoveries have shaped today's world. The first person accounts help to foster an early interest in history by immersing the reader in a personal narrative. Vibrant illustrations, clear explanations, and easy-to-read text make potentially complex subject matter accessible and engaging. A timeline sets the autobiographical narrative in context and invites cross-curricular discussion of social, political and cultural topics. 

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