EAL Starter Kit

EAL Starter Kit

(£780.00 inc. VAT)

The EAL starter pack is for the EAL coordinator to become effective quickly.
The starter pack will help children and parents with English as a second language to communicate with teachers and administrators and understand the school's rules, policies and letters that are sent out periodically.

The pack comes with the following components:

  • 6 PENpals with USB cable, Sample Recordable Labels and Free Online Training Course "Get the Best from PENpal and ClassroomPEN"
  • 6 "Key Phrases for School" Posters with audio in 26 languages,
  • 1 each of Science, Maths, Geography and English Charts with audio in 22 languages,
  • 1 "My Bilingual Talking Dictionary" in English only,
  • 1 Start Arrow Recordable Labels Set C,
  • 1 Set of Recordable Graphic Organisers (1 Spider, 1 Venn, 1 Cluster, 1 Continuum, 1 Fishbone & 1 Cycle)
  • 1 "I Am Feeling..." Recordable Chart
  • Welcome Booklet for Schools Web App 
  • Pupil Admissions Web App

    All the components above are described separately on

    ages. this website.

    The pack comes in an attache case, with sponge cutouts to support components neatly.

    The net price of this pack is £650. Schools and institutions are able to reclaim VAT, please discuss with the bursar.
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