How Totsuwa Became Cherokee

Cover image of the book How Totsuwa Became Cherokee by Virginia Hamby and Christy Kate Bennett in English and Cherokee language

How Totsuwa Became Cherokee


Cherokee Nation has collaborated with Mantra Lingua to publish this wonderful retelling of "How Totsuwa Became Cherokee" by Virginia Hamby, with vibrant illustrations by Christy Kate Bennett. 

One day, Totsuwa the bird discovers a red spot on his wing. His Grandfather tells him to go to the wise bear Yona for help. But the spot grows... What will Totsuwa do? He journeys between sacred locations Atagahi lake, Kituwah, and Clingman's Dome, on a quest to find out what the red on his feathers actually means.

The story is a wonderful way to celebrate Cherokee heritage and mythology, and includes notes and a map at the back to give the story more context for older readers, as well as extensive teacher's notes in PDF format that can be downloaded here for free to use with the book. 
Virginia Hamby
Christy Kate Bennett
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