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Kamishibai Pack Cheetah and Bremen

Kamishibai Storytelling Theatre


As seen on the Arts Depot online event with Channel 5's Milkshake! presenter Sita Thomas, our Kamishibai Story Telling props can now be purchased in a pack with the stage and blank cards for creating your own story! Put on a performance in your school or home, and practice the ancient art of story-telling without text. How will you tell the story? Why not turn it into a fun game where each illustration prompts the next family-member or child in the class to tell the story, and see what happens along the way!

Special price for this event until 30 September 2020

Pack contains:
1 Kamishibai Stage
1 set of Keeping up with Cheetah Story Prop Cards
1 set of Musician of Bremen Story Prop Cards
1 set of Blank Story Prop Cards for creating your own story
Jill Newton and Nathan Reed
2200 g
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