Kamishibai Storytelling Theatre

Kamishibai Storytelling Theatre

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Use our Story Prop Cards with this Storytelling Theatre Stage and encourage everyone to participate. Take away the familiar text and storytell yourself - and include the whole class! Roleplay, make-believe, co-author, appreciate social bonding, collaboration, social etiquette... the benefits are huge.

This robust stage is made from cardboard and allows A3 cards to be placed inside. 

The Kamishibai Storytelling Theatre has a rich Japanese tradition and is well used in Germany and Sweden as a speaking, listening and collaboration tool.
Watch the children's face light up with anticipation as the doors slowly open to reveal todays story. 
Maybe someone would like to knock gently on the door to see what is behind... magic!

Caroline Moore - EAL Consultant, 30 Jan 2020   "I’m really delighted with the paper theatre and would like to order 2 more stories"

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