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Kamishibai Biscuit Moon

Kamishibai Storytelling Theatre

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The sun is incredibly hot, and Buffalo searches for water and food. As the sun sets, he discovers a valuable pool of water, and in it there is a huge, white biscuit moon! But Lion is also hungry and thirsty, and the two animals spark a fight that involves all the other animals... except for the greedy Vulture, and wise little Squirrel. Will Buffalo and Lion realise their foolish ways, or let their greed and anger win? These Kamishibai Story Props, with images by award-winning illustrator Jesús Gabán, focus on conflict and cooperation and use detailed images to encourage children to learn, develop their vocabulary, confidence and social skills.

Printed on 400gsm A3-sheet, all our story props come in reusable grip seal bags for easy storage and retrieval. On the back of each of the 9 cards in this Kamishibai are simple prompts and questions to inspire the teacher when working with their class. The Biscuit Moon Story Prop Cards are sound-enabled for Mantra Lingua's TalkingPENs, making it possible for children and adults to record their own narrations directly on the card, and play back their renditions to parents, teachers and peers. 


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Jesús Zatón
Jesús Gabán
490 g
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