Kamishibai Storytelling Theatre

Kamishibai Storytelling Theatre

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When people meet on the street, they whisper to each other what has happened to their acquaintances. There are so many prohibitions, so many people live in fear. And the life of Raha’s father is threatened. Then Raha’s family fled. A difficult and long way - over the border, over endless mountains and valleys, to the sea. There will be a small boat that will bring the six-year-old with her family and many other people, freedom. "The Girl With The Pearl Necklace" is a story of departure, escape and arrival, fuelled by the strength of hope. Raha’s story is one of countless, very similar life stories that the children encounter in primary and secondary school. With its touching illustrations, this story promotes empathy and tolerance. The Kamishibai Story Props take this current and personal story, and encourage children to re-tell the story, develop their vocabulary, confidence and social skills.
All our story props come in reusable grip seal bags for easy storage and retrieval.

*This product has an information card which is in German, provided by early education publishers Don Bosco. The images themselves are without text and can be used for any audience, speaking any language.

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Alexander Jansen
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