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The LinguaTALK Interactive Nursery Pack is the winner of the 2017 5 STAR Early Years Excellence Award for Communication and Languages Resources.

“The educational impact of this resource is high, especially for children with speech and language delay/EAL. The PENpal is suitable for all; those of higher ability enjoy the creativity involved, while those with lower abilities are encouraged to develop their skills.”  Early Years Excellence Award Panel


At the heart of this Pack is the PENpal which enables stories to be heard in up to 30 languages, interactive charts to be explored and the making of personalised audio recordings.

Children can explore resources in the pack with PENpal to hear audio: songs, sounds, narrations of the stories in English and other languages, information and instructions. They can record themselves into the resources and hear their own voices played back instantly – ideal for developing speaking skills, sound discrimination skills and practising pronunciation. The interactive audio games follow a scaffold learning approach whereby learners build on their prior learning. Practitioners can record their questions or comments directly onto each chart, making learning and personalisation possible for each child.

“These are fantastic activities for children ...with options that encourage speech and understanding. The illustrations in the books are very diverse, portraying a range of communities. They are attractive and simple for children to recognise. This is a great resource for developing speech and understanding.”  Early Years Excellence Award Panel

The LinguaTALK Interactive Nursery Pack contains:

  • PENpal – Award-winning sound enabling technology that brings audio to books, posters, recordable labels. Portable, easy- to- use, robust with 4gb of memory, PENpal provides support to teachers, children and parents. PENpal comes with a suite of free software: FreeLINK to access our library of over 1000 sound files free of charge; and CreateLINK to create your own personalised TALKING books and TALKING posters.
  • TOUCH LISTEN and LEARN A3 FLIPBOOK (laminated on every page) –  an A3 interactive big book that gives children an exciting way to learn critical words and themes by adding a sound element and gaming function to print. An early resource for early learners, EAL and SEND. Each of the 11 charts with PENpal reinforces listening, speaking and vocabulary building skills.
  • 2 TALKING Bilingual BOARD BOOKSLet’s Go to the Park and Let’s Go to the Farm - the first in Mantra Lingua’s new series, Tap Around to Hear the Sound - where children explore areas in the artwork to discover hidden sounds - dialogue, sound of dogs barking, birds singing, children laughing, horns blaring, bicycle bells ringing, lambs bleating …
  • 3 TALKING Folk Tales: Little Red Hen and the Grains of Wheat, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Buskers of Bremen - well known and familiar folk tales with sounds hidden in the artwork - rhymes, songs, sound effects, music, narration of the stories in English and 20 languages and interactive games.
  • Recordable Sticky Labels – 240 easy to record colourful labels to use with PENpal to  record, save and playback, onto any book, poster or objects such as equipment, furniture, toys… Recording time on each label is 60 minutes. Record onto each label as often as you like!


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