Macbeth Pack

Macbeth Pack

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Every teacher needs different tools to inspire different students with this exciting Shakespearean play. Some students are comfortable reading large chunks of text, others need to visualise the text, some may prefer sound to drive their imagination, while many may wish to reinforce their learning playing games about the text. 
Macbeth EAL is truly multimodal: It contains many 'tools' to approach this play that is so popular with young people. This kit has two levels of simplified text. The video has less words but uses animation to get across the gist of the play. The book has more written text that is reinfored by PENpal with narration and excellent sound effects. So there is progression, but for maximum understanding we recommend using all tools interchangeably.

The 70 page book has words that are reinforced with lively illustrations. Each page is sound enabled. Just touch with the accompanying PENpal and listen, page by page. You can imagine the words written with booming narration and outstanding sound effects. With PENpal students can also record themselves, on every page. You may never know, there may be hidden Paul Robson or Olivier in your class!
“Let your ears open your eyes”.
Watch this brief video to experience the pleasure of reading and listening at the same time.

Included is the prize winning (Guardian Education Award) CD-ROM with brilliant animations, act by act. Animations are preferred over video since it has less 'visual noise' - just key characters or scenes are drawn so that they . EAL researchers keep reinforcing visualisation of text to progress comprehension. The synopsis, glossary of over 80 key words, character discriptions are in native language as well as English. There is a "Quotes" quiz where answers are measured and students can build up their memory of quotations. These famous lines, when memorised, will remain with the students forever, and improve their command over the English language. An events map is helpful for geographic context while an interview by students with the Bard puts Shakespeare's time in contrast to our own. He is universal!
There are versions of Macbeth CD Rom in English with Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Polish, Somali, Turkish, Urdu...

"Surprise people by quoting Macbeth in your normal everyday talk ."

"visualise words and see the richness of text" To test understanding in a 'creative learning' way are 4 great Collaborative Learning games - Character Connect 4, Two Minute Autobiography, Close look at Act One, Macbeth's Feelings - that will give insights about the play. Instructions of each game and key words are also in audio dual language. Students can make their own recordings on any of the games cards and boards... they can express in their own languages as well using PENpal. Then, if the teacher thinks that the work is shareable, they can upload the recordings on 'ShareLINK for other schools to download and use. A typical example is uploading another language not in the set for others to share.

And of course, with PENpal, students can record their voices - role playing, analysing, verbalising... They can sound enable any book. Take any CD or .mp3 from the web and allocate it to any of the 100 free recordable labels in the Kit. Then stick to every page of a book using 'CreateLINK' .enjoying the sound of narration. The Kit also has a Macbeth Audio chart in 8 l;anguages exploring once more the structure, characters, etc but in a different kinaesthetic way. Included also is a laminated A3 chart of "key Terms in English" in 22 languages.

  One of civiliasation's great writers, "My name is Shadespeare" is a biography written in the first person.  This 60 page book is beautifully illustrated with a useful timeline that chronicles major plays, history of events in Europe at the time of writing along with big events in Science and Arts. This helps to put Macbeth against a wider world context of its time.

Choose Macbeth since it is the only Age 15+ title that comes with so many features and linguistic support for today's classrooms with many EAL students. Native English speakers will also find hours of content with this Macbeth Kit.
Available in English only or English with Polish, Arabic, Syheti (Bangladeshi dialect), Chinee, French, Somali, Albanian, Turkish or Urdu.

£225 plus vat for the first language. (Then £40 for each subsequent language, since you would have already got the PENpal, books, charts, etc).


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