Marco Polo

Marco Polo


When we think of famous explorers, the name 'Christopher Columbus' springs to mind but, in fact, two hundred years before Columbus even set sail, it was Marco Polo, a Venetian merchant, who inspired generations of daring explorers. He spent twenty four years exploring Far East Asia. Although nowadays it is hard to imagine, before Marco Polo's travels people in Europe knew little about life in the East. His thrilling adventures along the Silk Route to China shocked people at home. They found it difficult to believe that civilised societies could exist beyond Europe. Discover Marco Polo's remarkable adventures for yourself and find out how he inspired others to explore our world.

  • Use as a stimulus to discuss topics such as exploration, trade and commerce and Oriental history and culture
  • Explore the relationship between Europe and the Far East and compare and contrast their respective ways of life
  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages life of using autobiographical writing as a historical source

'Famous Biographies' delve deep into the past to explore the fascinating lives of people whose discoveries have shaped today's world. The first person accounts help to foster an early interest in the history by immersing the reader in a personal narrative. Vibrant illustrations, clear explanations and easy-to-read text make potentially complex subject matter accessible and engaging. A timeline sets the autobiographical narrative in context and invites cross-curricular discussion of social, political and cultural topics. 

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