Tom & Sofia Start School(eBook)

Tom & Sofia Start School(eBook)

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Tom and Sofia are all set for their first day at school: their uniforms are ready, their PE kits are prepared and their school bags are packed. All the same, Tom can't help feeling a little bit nervous. Will he get lost in the big school? Will he make any friends? Sofia, meanwhile, cannot wait to get started. She is excited about going to big school like her older sister. Find out what Tom and Sofia get up to on their first day at school.

Following Tom and Sofia on their first school day will prepare children for taking the same step themselves. By exploring this important day from two perspectives, 'Tom and Sofia Start School' reassures young readers that it is normal for people to feel differently about doing something new for the first time. This charmingly illustrated title is perfect for helping children understand what to expect from their first day at school.

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