Reading Together in English e-book

It requires skills for a parent to read a book together with their child. Good parenting is tough at the best of times, and when a child brings home a book from school to share, there are some basic things every parent must know.

This book is designed to help and encourage parents to support their child to learn to read. English may be their first language but how to read, what questions to ask, where to read... are vitally important. For parents who are new to English the problem becomes greater. How to stay in touch with what the child is learning and doing at school becomes a greater challenge. This book has 22 key Questions that the parent can talk about with their child and things that they may want to say to the teacher. The book comes in English and in English with ten languages for EAL Parents. Every text, even in other languages, is read out loud, so even parents who are not totally comfortable reading English, this book is still accessible.

Written by and created for the Equalities Team at Rochdale Borough Council, the 'Reading Together in English' series is the outcome of a project that included parents, children and teachers in Rochdale with all the illustrations drawn by children in primary and secondary schools.

We believe many parents will benefit for this important book. Therefore we offer this Inspection Copy free of charge for you to look at. You can order ONE edition, be it in English only or in dual language - English with Polish, Urdu, Czech, Lithuanian, etc. (If you have bought any of the Mantra Lingua e-booklub 'collections' then all 11 editions of Reading Together are FREE.)

Please fill in your email address and select the language edition you want. If you want to order more copies, each book costs  £2.50 plus vat for one year's licence. You can order from the quick order section here on our website. .

 a FREE copy of  Reading Together in English by Lauren Fielden, Emily Humphrey and Erica Field from Rochdale EMAS.

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