Racing to English

Racing to English


The latest version of Racing to English is now availble, it has more than 350 fun & flexible language activites for you to print out & use with your pupils/students. They are presented as Word documents on a CD-ROM.

EAL, ESOL, EFL and more

The activities have been developed for children & adults learning EAL, ESOL or EFL. They encourage focused language worl and promote group work/learnier interaction. The activities are at beginner and intermediate level. They have been successfully used with pupils/students at both primary and secondary level and also with adults who are learning English. The activites have also been used with pupils/students with hearing impairment, with pupils/students who have particular needs and whole classes in primary schools.


Stage 1:beginning

100+ activities for learners in the earliest stages of learning English, including 36 photosets and 35 language games.

Stage 2:starting stories

100+ activities using the simple past and simple present tenses including 40 mini-stories, 11 photosets & 37 language games.

Stage 3:talking and reading

100+ activites at intermediate level including more demanding stories and work on 4 or 5 tenses.


Purchase of this CD ROM gives permission for the owner:

to either download the materials onto their own personal computer or to download them onto the computer or a network within one school or similar institution

to print out and photocopy all activities on the disc

to use the activities within the owner's school/college/etc.

It does not give permission

for the disc to be copied and given or sold to anyone else

for any of the materials that have been printed to be sold

for any of the material to be used in other institutions

for Racing to English to be downloaded onto any other computers outside the owner's home or institution


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