Mungo Makes New Friends

Written by first time writer Gill Aitchison, illustrated by Jill Newton and published by independent publisher Mantra Lingua, Mungo Makes New Friends is more than your average picture book. Supported by a range of additional resources, Mungo presents a new generation of storytelling, making it suitable for diverse audiences and reading abilities.

Set in the autumnal Highlands of Scotland, Mungo is a horse who has seen better days. Now, old and lonely, he has nothing to look forward to. But, slowly, he is introduced to a series of new friends who share his meals. As the seasons change, and winter comes, Mungo is taken away to his winter stables and his loyal friends must work out how to stay with him. Find yourself in Jill Newton’s beautifully illustrated Scottish Highlands, and join Mungo and his friends on their adventure.

A book for our multilingual society, Mungo is available in 20 dual languages, including Scottish Gaelic! Ex EAL (English as an Additional Language) teacher, Gill Aitchison is passionate about inclusion. Gill has created a story which, read aloud, engages even 2 year olds; and, with rhythmic repetition of text, a 5 year old can begin to read with confidence. And, there are plenty of points for discussion for EAL adults or older children, to build their English language skills.

Mungo with PENpal – Innovation in audio for children’s books

Mantra Lingua’s PENpal is a device which brings dual-language audio to every page of Mungo Makes New Friends! When a reader touches the page, this clever, innovative digital pen reads out the text – in English, French, Polish, Arabic...and many more languages! And, there are cleverly placed sound spots that further enriches the book and characters with sounds.

PENpal users can skip freely between languages, developing language comprehension and since PENpal can also record the child’s own voice, children are encouraged to role play and narrate building confidence whilst improving their English literacy and oracy skills.


Mungo with Kamishibai Storytelling Theatre and Story Props

The Kamishibai Storytelling Theatre and Mungo Story Props are brilliant resources for collaborative learning and oracy - learning techniques encouraged by Michael Rosen. Working together has an accelerating, intensifying effect for children: seeing and hearing each other’s work, the stories come alive.  The pages of Mungo Makes New Friends are printed as Storytelling Props with the text removed so that teacher and pupils are encouraged to imagine and perform their versions of the story.


Mungo eBook version

Mungo can also be taken home and enjoyed on the move! The eBook version can be shared by pupils, their siblings and parents: they can listen in their home language, watch the correlating video, and then learn the equivalent English page by page. At the end there are flash cards, sequencing and labelling activities to increase vocabulary and test comprehension.

Compatible with desktop, laptop, mobile screens and the classroom white board, this version is perfect for classroom use as well as use at home. eBook users can also make online notes which can be shared with classmates and friends, so comments on particular parts of the story can be discussed online.
Gill has also included a lot of teacher support notes, free on the Mantra Lingua website.