Making a splash!

The Early Help & Schools Team in Rochdale Borough Council collaborated with Link4Life in publishing multi-lingual letters about the benefits of swimming lessons. The letters are in Arabic, Bengali, Kurdish, Panjabi, Polish, Romanian, Spanish and Urdu. Continuing the spirit of co-operation they have kindly donated these letters to anyone who may have the same challenge.

You can download them free or charge, like all the other letters in the Multi-lingual Letters Library, now.

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Silence in the library? How wordless books are helping to heal Lampedusa

“Ssssh! Fingers on lips!”

While the traditional idea of a library is a silent, dusty temple full of books, modern libraries are so much more than that. And the “Silent Books” project, which was launched in August 2012 at the 33rd IBBY Conference in London, has brought a very different kind of silence to the library on Lampedusa.

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