• Recordable Key Ring FOB

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    £5.00 (£6.00 inc. VAT)
    The FOB will work with any earlier versions of PENfriend. If you already have PENfriend you can buy the FOB separately.
    There are 4 sound spots on the FOB for essential information that can can be changed anytime in the usual PENfriend way. 
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    So how many words per minute can you speak?

    Did you know, on average, most people speak at over 100 words per minute (wpm) in their native tongue? That’s around four to five syllables per second. And although it’s a generalisation, it does seem that some languages and dialects are faster than others – just try getting an excited Geordie to slow down, for instance! (Disclaimer – I thought I’d use the Geordie dialect as an example as I’m from the North East of England originally.

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    Bring resources to life with the personal touch – PENpals, PENfriend and ClassroomPEN

    Anyone in education knows that every pupil is different, and learns in a different way. And for SEN teaching, making the curriculum as accessible as possible in an appropriate format is essential.

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