9 Benefits of Reading to Children

Have you ever wondered how reading benefits your children?
The study by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in State Government Victoria shows that there is an important role for parents in the development and educational performance of their children.

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So how many words per minute can you speak?

Did you know, on average, most people speak at over 100 words per minute (wpm) in their native tongue? That’s around four to five syllables per second. And although it’s a generalisation, it does seem that some languages and dialects are faster than others – just try getting an excited Geordie to slow down, for instance! (Disclaimer – I thought I’d use the Geordie dialect as an example as I’m from the North East of England originally.

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The benefits of bilingual books - six pertinent questions (and answers)

To be brought up bilingual is a rare gift, but like most gifts in life, it isn’t always plain sailing. And when it comes to reading, it’s double the trouble, and double the fun, but also, sometimes, double the work.
You may find that your bilingual child or pupil has a preference for one language over the other; you may find that they often mix the two. You may find that the learner speaks one language with one caregiver, and a different language with another.

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