Talking To The Wall? Interactive Synchronised Calendars And Diaries, New For 2020

Hands up who likes to be reminded, gently, in a firm but friendly tone, when there’s an important appointment coming up, or when you need to complete your weekly shop, or when it’s time to take the recycling out? Hands up also anyone (ahem!) who sometimes remembers to update their wall calendar but forgets to add the same information to their diary? And hands up anyone (ahem again!) who regularly misplaces their telephone and thinks how nice it would be to have a paper-based reminder of upcoming events. We’re all so busy these days that it can be tricky to keep track of what everyone’s up to and what needs to be done.

While we’re on the subject, hands up anyone who talks to things in their home and gets a little disappointed when they don’t talk back. Yes, we know there are digital assistants and AIs galore out there now, and sometimes they’re a great idea, but Alexa, Siri, Cortana and the rest of their friends aren’t always the answer. They can sometimes seem a little impersonal.

So if it’s personalisation of your reminders and information you’re looking for, our new PENfriend 3 can be used to add your own voice to just about anything you like. This includes our new interactive, specially designed Talking Calendars and Diaries. You can record alerts, appointments, birthday details, instructions, reminders and even handover notes in between teaching sessions, or reminders about the start or end of term. Just to give you a few ideas to start with.

Our Talking Wall Calendars and Diaries are super-easy to use. The yellow cell holds information on the date, and the orange cell underneath allows you to record and play back information about appointments, instructions, alerts and more. If you’d like to have your logo on there, we can have that added for you, and if you’d like the calendars and diaries in a language other than English that can also be arranged (for orders of 100 and over).

You can see the Talking Wall Calendar and Diary in action for yourself at