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9 Benefits of Reading to Children

Have you ever wondered how reading benefits your children?
The study by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in State Government Victoria shows that there is an important role for parents in the development and educational performance of their children.

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Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Easter is round the corner and if you have not had time yet to decorate your home, no worries! We’ve got you covered!
You still have time to create wonderful crafts with your little ones. Creating something together will not only give your house a lovely Eastery touch, but it will also be great family fun!
Here are some simple Easter craft ideas that I have tried with my boys and they absolutely loved it!
1. Handprint bunnies
The bunnies are very easy to make and they are so cute!

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How to help your bilingual child speak your first language

I moved to the UK from Slovakia 8 years ago.
Our boys were born three years later.
Although I knew that English would always be their first language, I wanted them to speak Slovak too. It was unimaginable not having my children speak my first language.
While they were small and spent most of the time with me, it was not a problem. At one point, they even spoke more Slovak than English.

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Ten Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to Life in a New Country

Are you moving abroad?
Moving is a big deal, even if you're just moving across town, let alone if you are moving to a new country.
You have to think of so many things. You have to work out where to shop, how the transport works, where to find what you need, where to go for family days out. The life you know is gone and you have to re-create everything from scratch again.
Not easy at all!

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Season's Greetings

A simple greeting from us, as 2020 draws to a close.


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Making a splash!

The Early Help & Schools Team in Rochdale Borough Council collaborated with Link4Life in publishing multi-lingual letters about the benefits of swimming lessons. The letters are in Arabic, Bengali, Kurdish, Panjabi, Polish, Romanian, Spanish and Urdu. Continuing the spirit of co-operation they have kindly donated these letters to anyone who may have the same challenge.

You can download them free or charge, like all the other letters in the Multi-lingual Letters Library, now.

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Marigolds - Treasured Gardens in Lockdown

Gill Aitchison, the writer of our autumnal book "Mungo Makes New Friends", has kindly written a guest-post for us today! Catch up with Gill and her garden below. 

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Tiny Happy People - Beautifully Bilingual

Remember New Year’s Eve, 2019? Nobody could have suspected what lay in store for us just a few short months later. That includes the millions of parents and caregivers who, during Lockdown 2020, suddenly found themselves having to take on teaching duties for their children. This has often included helping little ones to develop language skills.

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Bangladesh And East India Bear The Brunt Of Cyclone Amphan In The Midst Of COVID-19

Bangladesh and East India are, sadly, no strangers to cyclones, but in May, 2020, the worst storm for 13 years hit the area. In an area already bearing the brunt of so much climate change, in the midst of a global COVID-19 pandemic, the damage is heart-rending.
Cyclone Amphan first made landfall on 13 May 2020 as a low pressure system. By 16 May 2020, winds had reached sustained speeds of 100mph, according to data from the US Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

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