FREE Key Terms and Letters Library

We all need translations - words, sentences, etc in many languages, very often, quickly.  Looking at the messages on the EAL Bilingual forum, there are often calls for help for translation.
But as a community, why pay for the same subject to be translated over and over again by different EMAS teams or schools. Our free Library solves the need for accuracy and time and languages are up to date with existing demographics.The library is in the spirit of Community Publishing and Sharing. The more we use it as a depository for existing word, sentence and subject banks collected over the years by various organisations, the richer the library becomes. Any doner will be acknowledged.
The library is searchable first by Language, then the type (W,P,L) and then search by Subject (in English). The output will be as a dual language document which you can edit in the usual way.
Please watch this video about how you can get the best of the FREE Key Terms and Letters webapp.

If you need any translations made, no matter how many words in over 100 languages please contact us. Here is a video of the Translations App.
All translations are by humans, professionally qualified translators.

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