Welcome Booklet Nursery Edition

This easy yet powerful tool can really help parent's understanding of nursery life.

The booklet is available in 9 languages, Arabic; Bengali; Bulgarian; English; Hungarian; Latvian, Polish and Romanian.

There are 86 information points in the App which were defined following discussions with parents, nursery managers, EY advisors and looking at lots of Welcome Booklets from nursery settings. Each point is translated into various languages shown below. Nurseries can add content, make changes, personalise with names and photos of staff and the setting and take as many print outs as they like. In order to further promote parental involvement nurseries can also email the Personalised Welcome Booklets to parents, carers and their local communities. Pdfs in the various languages can be put on the website. A great way to involve EAL parents and carers with your nursery.

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